Spotlight on schools rugby: NSW Schools Sides Announced


By NSW Waratahs Media unit

The best of the State’s juniors and schools rugby talent have been on display for the last week, and two NSW Schools sides have been determined (scroll to the bottom).

Tuesday 26 June: CAS vs AAGPS (St. Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill from 12:30pm)

The best schoolboy talent from CAS and AAGPS will get the week of competition underway in an exciting afternoon of inter-association rugby.

Each association takes turns in playing host and this year’s fixture is hosted by St. Joseph’s College (AAGPS). Knox Grammar (CAS) hosted the corresponding match in 2017.

The afternoon kicks off with an internal AAGPS match between their III and IV sides, White and Blue, followed by 2nds and 1sts games respectively.

AAGPS and CAS will join other NSW School sides CHS, CCC, AICES and ISA on Friday 29 June for a round-robin style competition at the David Phillips Sports Complex as part of the trial for NSW Schools selection.

Tuesday 26 June:
12:30pm – AAGPS White vs AAGPS Blue
1:45pm – AAGPS II vs CAS II
3:00pm – AAPGS I vs CAS I

Combined Associated Schools of NSW (CAS) I
1. Angus Collison (Barker)
2. Billy Pollard (Barker)
3. Thomas Lambert (Trinity)
4. Lochie Dring (Barker)
5. Harry Flaherty (Barker)
6. Luke Reimer (Barker)
7. Conor Molloy (Waverley)
8. Luca Moretti (Waverley)
9. David Tejcek (Barker)
10. Tane Edmed (Trinity)
11. Ben Bryden (Barker)
12. Ben Pollack (Aloysius)
13. Lachlan Illias (Trinity)
14. Kyle Galloway (Barker)
15. James Westbury (Aloysius)

Combined Associated Schools of NSW (CAS) II
1. Nikolas-Alexander Ginis (Trinity)
2. Malachi Hawkes (Trinity)
3. Dane Wilson (Barker)
4. Harry Whiteman (Waverley)
5. Matthew Yazbek (Trinity)
6. Alex Rahme (Aloysius)
7. Harvey Tilley (Cranbrook)
8. Miller Tauiliili-Pelesasa (Trinity)
9. Tas Smith (Cranbrook)
10. Jack Dudley (Barker)
11. Peter North (Cranbrook)
12. Sione Vuki (Trinity)
13. Matt Graham (Barker)
14. Darcy Hampton (Aloysius)
15. Daniel Andrews (Waverley)

Athletic Association of Great Public Schools (AAGPS) I
1. A Bell (Newington)
2. W McLennan (Riverview)
3. N Wingrove (Scots)
4. F Brown (Kings)
5. Jeremy Williams (Scots)
6. B Wellington (Scots)
7. B Robson (Scots)
8. W Harris (Scots)
9. S Strang (Scots)
10. C Savala (Scots)
11. M Dutallis (Riverview)
12. D Easy (Riverview)
13. A Bell (Riverview)
14. J Suaalii (Kings)
15. J Mossman (Scots)

Athletic Association of Great Public Schools (AAGPS) II
1. H Patterson (Scots)
2. J Heaven (St Josephs)
3. A Holz (Kings)
4. S Gillies (Riverview)
5. H Bokeham (St Josephs)
6. S Schmidt (Riverview)
7. B Peper (Kings)
8. J Ratcliff (Newington)
9. L Albert (Riverview)
10. M Minogue (Kings)
11. F Tricks (Scots)
12. V Creagh (St Josephs)
13. H MacSmith (Kings)
14. L Scolari (St Josephs)
15. J Connolly (Kings)

Thursday 28 June: NSWJRU Under 18s Trials (Boronia Park #1, Hunters Hill)

Following several weeks of trials for Sydney Under 18s and the NSW Country Under 18s players, two NSW Juniors (NSWJRU) Under 18s sides have been selected.

The NSWJRU teams are made up of aspiring junior players from the Sydney Metro and NSW Country club systems, and who have competed for their zone at the Junior State Championships and the NSW Country Championships.

The two sides will battle it out against AAGPS White and Blue in back-to-back matches at Boronia Park, Hunters Hill for selection in the final NSWJRU Under 18s representative side.

The selected squad will compete in the Division Two National Championships on the Gold Coast from 6-13 July.

Thursday 28 June:
5:30pm – AAGPS White vs NSWJRU II
6:45pm – AAGPS Blue vs NSWJRU

1. Jack Allen (Hunter)
2. Will Bremner (Captain - Gordon)
3. Terence Toomata (Eastwood)
4. Max Douglas (Manly)
5. Liam Janson (Northern Suburbs)
6. Thomas Latu (Sydney University)
7. Lachlan Lowick (Forest)
8. Harrison Dal Molin (Hunter)
9. Wilson Dulieu (Eastern Suburbs)
10. Jack Walsh (Manly)
11. Brady Mather (Central North)
12. Adam Peruch (Central Coast)
13. Nathaneel Endemann (Northern Suburbs)
14. Reihana Leui'I (Sydney University)
15. Lachlan Shelley (Central Coast)
16. Matthew Kokegei** (Central Coast)
17. Liam Heka (Eastwood)
18. Rowdi Saunders (Hunter)
19. Alex Vaughan** (Hunter)
20. Oliver Smyth** (Mid North Coast)
21. Alex Wallington (Eastern Suburbs)
22. Joshua Lambert (Eastwood)
23. Ngalu Ikana (West Harbour)

**indicates non-playing due to CCC commitments

1. Natane Talanoa (Sydney University)
2. Maclean Domkins (Northern Suburbs)
3. Tom McPhee (Hunter)
4. Nathanial Panozzo (Gordon)
5. Bradley Thorn (Mid North Coast)
6. Oliver Wheatley (Eastwood)
7. Jesse MacKinnon (Southern Districts)
8. William Archer (Hunter)
9. Kye Blair (Central Coast)
10. Jack Vincent (Hunter)
11. Liam Dalibozek (Hunter)
12. Harry O'Leary (Central West)
13. Jacob Rabai (Hunter)
14. Tristan Leffers (Northern Suburbs)
15. Tyreese Figota (Eastwood)
16. Jacob Barrett** (Hunter)
17. Logan Griffiths (Central North)
18. Sulivenusi Hakalo (Central Coast)
19. Doughal O’Reilly** (Central North)
20. Matthew Peebles (Central Coast)
21. Jack Hamilton (Hunter)
22. Filimaua Filimaua Tau (Manly)
23. Reece Jacons (Central Coast)

**indicates non-playing due to CCC commitments

1. S Lock (Kings)
2. N Zylstra (Scots)
3. T Shanks Anderson (St Josephs)
4. E Cutler (St Josephs)
5. D Foley (Newington)
6. Jet Williams (St Josephs)
7. O Mitchell (Kings)
8. M Moore (Riverview)
9. H Cowan (Shore)
10. D Vei (Newington)
11. Jordon Williams (Kings)
12. K Rugless (Scots)
13. T Aveyard (Scots)
14. B Zucchiatti (Scots)
15. N Wilson (St Josephs)

1. N Jones (St Josephs)
2. B Males (Kings)
3. D Botha (Scots)
4. S Cale (Kings)
5. B Wilkins (Shore)
6. T Gavin (Scots)
7. H Crafter (Shore)
8. B Brownie (Shore)
9. N Murray (St Josephs)
10. J Gibbs (St Josephs)
11. D O’Brien (St Josephs)
12. T Everleigh (St Josephs)
13. G Clark (Riverview)
14. X Ryan (St Josephs)
15. S Lewis (Newington)

Friday 29 June: NSW Schools Opens Trials (David Phillips Sports Complex, Daceyville)

The best of NSW Schools sides, representing each of the school sports associations, will come together at the home of NSW Rugby for a day of competition and trials later this week. Two NSW Schools sides will be named afterwards to compete in the ASRU Championships from 8-14 July at St Ignatius College, Riverview.

The day kicks off at 10:30am with a match between AICES and ISA II. The final game for the day will be between CHS I and GPS I at 3:10pm.

The two NSW Schools representative sides will be announced on 29 June following the day of competition across all NSW Waratahs’ channels.

Friday 29 June:

10:30am – AICES vs ISA II
Tries: Waqabaca, Painter, Nawaqanitawase, Englert, Vieira 2
Conversions: Rue 4
Tries: Shelley 2, Francis
Conversions: Shelley 2

11:40am – CAS II vs CCC

Tries: Hawkes 3, Whiteman, Cameron, Vuki, Milford, Martin
Conversions: Andrews 4
CCC 33
Tries: Delailoa 2, Rizk, Smyth
Conversions: Fraser 2, Rizk

12:50pm – CAS I vs ISA I

CAS I 18
Tries: Flaherty, Reimer, Edmed
Conversions: Edmed
ISA I 17
Tries: Simpson 2, Vaivelata
Conversions: Wilson

2:00pm – CHS II vs GPS II

Tries: Minogue 2, Tricks 3, Mac Smith 2, Scolari 2, Connolly 2, Cale
Conversions: Minogue 5, Connolly 3

3:10pm – CHS I vs GPS I

GPS I 38
CHS I 12

Combined High Schools (CHS) I
1. Jayden Lynch (Alstonville HS)
2. Sifa Amone (U16) (The Hills SHS)
3. Dylan Saunders (Windsor HS)
4. Rob Grant (Narrabeen SHS)
5. Caleb Hopping (Mereweather HS)
6. Hagan Size (Farrer MAHS)
7. Sione Faupula (Asquith Boys HS)
8. Jack Johnson-Holmes (Newcastle HS)
9. Hayden Pomare (Matraville SHS)
10. Joey Walton (Wadalba HS)
11. Tonga Vei (Balgowlah Boys HS)
12. Faiva Faiva (Campbelltown PAHS)
13. Ben West (Killarney Heights HS)
14. Conor Hickey (Narrabeen SHS)
15. Patrick Reynolds (Westfields SHS)

Combined High Schools (CHS) II
1. Gorgio Laventis (Hunters Hill HS)
2. Dakota Pritchard (Westfield Sports HS)
3. David Aguirre (Westfield Sports HS)
4. Jock Tomlinson (Farrer MAHS)
5. Bailey Thomas (Inverell HS)
6. Unga Latu (The Forest HS)
7. Justin Mills (Pittwater HS)
8. Eden McQueen (Kincumber HS)
9. Benjamin Anau (Westfield Sports HS)
10. Jack Vincent (Tomaree HS)
11. Brodie Henderson (The Hills Sports HS)
12. Jerome Van Der Heide (Freshwater Senior Campus)
13. Joshua Christy (Turrumurra HS)
14. Izaiah Ape-Esera (Erskine Park HS)
15. Said Halbouni (Endeavour Sports HS)
16. Ryan Goodman (Kotara HS)
17. Toa Suluka (Randwick Boys HS)
18. Kye Davis (Hunter Sports HS)
19. Luciano Suagelli (Endeavour SHS)
20. Jayden Duff (Singleton HS)
21. Daniel Lucky (Pennant Hills HS)
22. Brady Mahr (Inverell HS)
23. Jordan Byfield (Tomaree HS)

Independent Schools Association (ISA) I
1. Will Smith (Kinross Wolaroi School)
2. Tom Oxford (Oakhill College)
3. Vincent Reilly (Kinross Wolaroi School)
4. Tom Hooper (St. Stanislaus’ College)
5. Lachlan McAndrew (St. Augustine’ s College)
6. Langi Gleeson (St. Augustine’ s College)
7. Donny Freeman (Kinross Wolaroi School)
8. Aidan Kelso (Kinross Wolaroi School)
9. Cameron Trengove (St. Stanislaus’ College)
10. Harry Wilson (St. Augustine’ s College)
11. Nick Rankine (St. Stanislaus’ College)
12. Sean Vaivelata (St. Augustine’ s College)
13. Craig McKenzie (St. Augustine’ s College)
14. Preston Simpson (Kinross Wolaroi School)
15. Daniel Ala (St. Augustine’ s College)

Independent Schools Association (ISA) II
1. Oscar Moran (Oxley College)
2. Fraser Robertson (Kinross Wolaroi School)
3. Sam Waqabaca (St. Gregory’s College)
4. Corey Hooper (St. Stanislaus’ College)
5. Mitch Painter (St. Augustine’ s College)
6. Fletcher Rose (Kinross Wolaroi School)
7. Zac Barnabas (St. Augustine’ s College)
8. Fletcher Wright (St. Stanislaus’ College)
9. Joshua Roberts (St. Augustine’ s College)
10. Flynn Angles-Corke (Oakhill College)
11. Zane Dean-Matthews (Oakhill College)
12. Mark Nawaqanitawase (St. Patrick’s College)
13. Thomas Watson (Oakhill College)
14. Bruce Rue (St. Stanislaus’ College)
15. Jed Englert (St. Stanislaus’ College)

Combined Catholic Colleges (CCC)
1. Alex Vaughan (St Catherine's College, Singleton)
2. Alexander Saint (St Matthew's Catholic School, Mudgee)
3. Benjamin Rosada (Marist College, Eastwood)
4. Christopher Patolo (All Saints Catholic Senior College, Casula)
5. Connor Tunks (Patrician Brothers' College, Blacktown)
6. Doughal O'Reilly (McCarthy College, Tamworth)
7. Heath Lancaster (St Paul's College, West Kempsey)
8. Jacob Barrett, (All Saint's College, Maitland)
9. Jason Smyth (Holy Cross College, Ryde)
10. Jeff Swann (De La Salle College, Ashfield)
11. Joshua Fraser (Holy Cross College, Ryde)
12. Joshua Rizk (Holy Cross College, Ryde)
13. Lachie Morse (St Matthew's Catholic School, Mudgee)
14. Lachlan Hughes (Marist College, Eastwood)
15. Maea Fonua (Xavier College, Llandillo)
16. Matthew Kokegei (St Edward's College, Gosford)
17. Niko Lilomaiava (Patrician Brothers' College, Blacktown)
18. Oliver Smyth (St John Paul College, Coffs Harbour)
19. Papillon Sevele (Trinity Catholic College, Auburn)
20. Rory Fletcher (St Dominic's College, Kingswood)
21. Samita Langi (Loyola Senior High, Mt Druitt)
22. Sione Taufui (Patrician Brothers' College, Fairfield)
23. Thomas Delailoa (St Paul's Catholic College, Greystanes)
24. Tyrone Nascimento (Southern Cross Vocational College, Burwood)

1. Tobias Payne (Nowra Anglican College)
2. Jack Winchester (Bishop Druitt College)
3. Oskar Butt (Nowra Anglican College)
4. Josh Muller (Arndell Anglican College)
5. Aidan Wearne (Nowra Anglican College)
6. Riley Wilson (Central Coast Adventist)
7. Luke Mounic (Emmanuel Anglican College)
8. Benjamin Francis (Green Point Anglican College)
9. Max Lans (Nowra Anglican College)
10. Lachlan Shelley (Green Point Anglican College)
11. Thomas Turpin (Nowra Anglican College)
12 Harvey Neville (Hunter Valley Grammar School)
13. Jackson Forde (Nowra Anglican College)
14. Henry Riddell (Newcastle Grammar School)
15. Hudson Berry (Reddam House)
16. Tate Kemeny (Reddam House)
17. Leamani Ata (Regents Park Christian School)
18. Mel Palu (Regents Park Christian School)
19. Charles Bennett (St Phillips Newcastle)
20. Maurice Kasses (Reddam House)
21. Jack Kable (Reddam House)
22. Maxwell Wright (Reddam House)
23. Ben Grant (Calrossy Anglican School)

Congratulations to the following players on their selection in the NSW Schools sides:

NSW Schools I

1. Angus Bell (Newington College)
2. Billy Pollard (Barker College)
3. Thomas Lambert (Trinity Grammar)
4. Jeremy Williams (The Scots College)
5. Will Harris (The Scots College)
6. Luke Reimer (Barker College)
7. Donny Freeman (Kinross Wolaroi)
8. Luca Moretti (Waverley)
9. Seb Strang (The Scots College)
10. Tane Edmed (Trinity Grammar)
11. Matthew Dutallis (St Ignatius’ College)
12. Joey Walton (Wadalba High School)
13. Lachlan Ilias (Trinity Grammar)
14. Fred Tricks (The Scots College)
15. John Connolly (The Kings School)
16. Will McLennan (St Ignatius College)
17. Angus Collison (Barker College)
18. Nicholas Wingrove (The Scots College)
19. Oliver Smyth (John Pauls College Coffs Harbour)
20. Hugh Bokenham (St Joseph’s College)
21. Lachlan Albert (St Ignatius’ College)
22. Charlie Savala (The Scots College)
23. Jack Mossman (The Scots College)

NSW Schools II

1. Hugo Patterson (The Scots College)
2. Jack Winchester (Bishop Druitt College)
3. Archer Holz (The Kings School)
4. Tom Hooper (St Stanislaus’ College)
5. Lachlan Dring (Barker College)
6. Sean Vaivelata (St Augustine’s College)
7. Zac Barnabas (St Augustine’s College)
8. Aiden Kelso (Kinross Wolaroi)
9. David Tejcek (Barker College)
10. Matt Minogue (The Kings School)
11. Liam Scolari (St Joseph’s College)
12. Vincent Creagh (St Joseph’s College)
13. Faiva Faiva (Campbelltown PAHS)
14. Angus Bell (St Ignatius’ College)
15. Daniel Ala (St Augustine’s College)
16. Julian Heaven (St Joseph’s College)
17. Will Smith (Kinross Wolaroi)
18. Malachi Hawkes (Trinity Grammar)
19. Doughal O'Reilly (McCarthy Catholic College)
20. Hagen Size (Farrer MAHS)
21. Cooper Chambers (Trinity Grammar)
22. Connor Hickey (Narrabeen Sports High)
23. Joshua Rizk (Holy Cross College)

The ASRU Division One Championships will take place at St Ignatius College, Riverview from 8-14 July.

The Division Two Championships will take place at Runaway Bay, Gold Coast from 6-13 July.






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