NRC | The inside word


By NSW Rugby Media

Sydney kicked off their 2018 National Rugby Championship campaign against the Canberra Vikings. Here’s the word from inside the camp. 

Mark Cashman spoke to Sydney captain Damien Fitzpatrick afterwards.

Q: Fitz we’ve got a line in the sand now haven’t we?

We have. It was a lot of guys’ first game at this level and it was a bit of a baptism of fire really. There are some things out there that you can get away with at Shute Shield but certainly not at this level. NRC is a different beast. We came up against a very good and well-structured Canberra side but one of the things we got out of it was it highlighted some areas where we need to work on come Monday.


Q: It was always going to be a difficult preparation for this game on the back off a Shute Shield grand final, a couple of sessions and some more disruptions on the morning of the game?

It wasn’t the most ideal preparation. We tried to not dwell on it too much during the week and try to keep everyone upbeat and just concentrate on the game of footy at hand and get across the content. But with the small amount of preparation we had and coming up against a team that was well prepared you are going to get caught short in some areas.


Q: There were some sparks of life there though: Harry Burey did well, Curtis Rona had some nice touches and of course Latu Latunipulu was great on the right edge?

Yeah all those guys had fantastic games but our job now as a forward pack is to get them more ball. I felt though we let ourselves down at set piece time. We weren’t in the game in this area to win some top quality ball and as you saw we’ve got some guys out the back there that can play some good footy and that’s going to be one of our areas of focus this week.


Q: Focus next week is Woollahra Oval next week and Brisbane City so it’s rip in?

Certainly, batten down the hatches, come in Monday with a positive attitude and we can bounce back for sure.






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