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By NSW Rugby Media

Oakhill College v Scots College
19 - 21

By Oscar Nowak Allcorn, Oakhill Y8 Student & NSW Waratahs Junior Reporter
Photographs by Michael Remaili, Oakhill’s Photographer

What a splendid day of rugby it was between the two big rivals: Oakhill College and Scots College. Oakhill went into the game hoping to turn the season around, and Scots needed a tough challenge to prepare them for the GPS season ahead. However, both teams knew they were in for a very hard and physical game at Oakhill’s Damien Oval.

The referee commenced the game on his whistle, Scots kicking off to Oakhill.
Scots put a lot of pressure on Oakhill within their 22 line and Oakhill’s captain Flynn Angles Corke booted the ball out of Oakhill’s half 50 meters to the opposite side. The kick was chased by a few of Oakhill’s backs. Jordan Lee Bacon sprinted as fast as he could to try and get the ball. Unfortunately for Oakhill, Scots fullback Hugo Collett picked up the ball seconds before Bacon tackled him to the ground.

After a few phases with the ball controlled by Scots, Oakhill put pressure on Scots leading them to knock on the ball. Since the scrum was on the 22 meter line in Oakhill’s territory, they wanted to get the ball out. Oakhill’s 10 and captain Flynn Angles Corke smashed the ball to 40 meter line. Winger Jordan Lee Bacon picked up the ball and ran to the try line. Scots winger Alan Holten made a great run to tackle Bacon to the ground just after he passed the ball inside to Oakhill’s fullback Dylan Madden. Madden made a 20 meter sprint before diving over the try line untouched. Oakhill was very happy scoring their first points of the year and of the game. This really lifted the team’s performance.

Later on in the first half, Scots put their first points up on the scoreboard.
Oakhill defended very well for 5 minutes until Scots got the ball 5 meters from the try line. Oakhill’s flanker Jack Axam made an outstanding tackle on his opposite number. This tackle made Oakhill get the ball back from a pilfer. Unfortunately, Oakhill knocked on the ball so close to Scots try line resulting in a scrum 5 meters from Scots try line. There were so many ways Scots could have got the ball over the line being so close to the try line. A very smart play by Scots scrum-half Jack Davis picked up the ball on the back of the scrum and sprint straight to the try line scoring their first points.

With half time only 5 minutes away, both teams were looking to get more points on the board. There were many opportunities for both teams to get points but Oakhill managed to successfully pull off one of their backline moves from a penalty. The backs rapidly spread the ball out wide to their fullback Dylan Madden who drew the winger towards him giving Jordan Lee Bacon space in front. Madden passed the ball to Bacon and scored at the corner post.

At half time the score was 12-7 Oakhill’s way.

The second half looked very promising for both teams. Very early in the second half Scots scored and got ahead of Oakhill by 2 points. Scots controlled the ball for a few phases and found a gap to score on the sideline. Scots kicker Sean Grace had a very good boot, kicking the ball through the posts. This made Oakhill fall behind by 2 points.

With 4 scrums and 2 line outs before a team scored, the battle was fierce to get on top on the scoreboard. Oakhill managed to score another try with 10 remaining until full time. Oakhill was very successful with their kicking in this game and with Flynn Angles Corke kicking the ball towards the sideline, it paid off again - Dylan Madden caught the ball and scored in near the posts.

Later on in the half, Scots got some ball time. They had a few big hit ups with their forwards and then switching to use their back line. They passed the ball to winger Tana Winger who stepped around Oakhill’s defence, scoring at the corner post. At this point, the score was level. Fortunately for Scots, Grace blasted the ball from the sideline, converting it and getting the extra 2 points putting them in the lead.

Oakhill was left with less than 5 minutes in which to score. Scots defended their 2 point lead until the referee called full time. A disappointing outcome for Oakhill who played their best game so far in the season and deserved a win.

Final score 19-21 to Scots.

In the Oakhill changing rooms after the game, the boys were very happy with their performance - by far the best game they played so far this year. Asking some of the players what was the highlight of the game, they said: scoring their first points of the year. Each player acknowledged they had things to improve on and things to be proud of.

Scots v Trinity
50 - 14

By Zachary Cambridge, NSW Rugby Schools Cadet Reporter

The third round of the trials saw Scots take on trinity, who were defending their home ground. Scots, who were boasting many injures, were ready to test their depth against a trinity side who were coming off a tough draw against shore the week before. Scots started perfectly, winning the ball straight back from the kick off. This lead to Scots first try, #8 Joe Brial scoring from a pick and drive – conversion successful. Trinity hit back straight away, marching Scots down the field resulting in halfback Ky Willoughby scoring the same way as Scots did only moments before, Conversion successful. Scots fly half, Hugo Savala, took it upon himself to lift the Scots side, breaking the trinity defence and giving Scots an attacking chance in the oppositions 22. Scots took this opportunity, creating a mall and eventually scoring through Hugh Tuck, Conversion Successful. Scots continued to pile on the pressure, putting a set of phases together that lead to captain Daniel Botha scoring, conversion converted. A barnstorming run from Joe brial meant Scots were in again, Tom Aveyard scoring in the corner, conversion successful yet again. On the brink of half time, Scots #15 Jack Mossman split a tired trinity defence and scored in the corner. Conversion hitting the posts. Halftime score 33-7. Scots came out firing after the break, maybe a bit too much, Jack Ricci getting sent off for lifting in a tackle. Even with 1 player off Scots managed to put together a huge maul, totalling upwards of 50 metres, but trinity turned up in defence, turning the ball back over. Trinity created a much-needed chance down the wing, linking up with Their #6 who scored for their 2nd try of the game, conversion successful. Scots hit back with 2 more tries to both Jack Mossman and Hugo Savala, both tries starting from breaks down the left touchline, only 1 converted. With 5 minutes to go, Scots front rower Liam Oliver scored from another maul, conversion pushed left. A double yellow was given to trinity but it was too late, the whistle blew, calling full-time. 50-14 was the final score. Scots proving to be too good.






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