Open trials for NSW Gen Blue


Some of state’s best and brightest young talent converged on Daceyville last Friday, representing their associations in open selection trials for the New South Wales Gen Blue Academy.

CAS, AICES, CHS, ISA, GPS and CCC were all well represented on the day, with most associations submitting two teams – seeing almost 250 players in action.

The competition format was the final opportunity for these young players to impress scouts and earn selection into a three-day camp overseen by some of NSW Rugby’s best coaches.

The traditional rivals were in action with GPS running out big winners in both clashes with CHS, while CAS beat out ISA in both of their fixtures.

NSW Rugby’s Head of Talent Management, Andrew Cleverly said that schoolboy players were an important part of the Gen Blue camp, which would also feature club players from around the state.

“The big difference [to previous camps] is that any player, who is under 18 and lives in New South Wales is eligible to take part in Gen Blue,” Cleverly said.

“They could be an apprentice carpenter like one of our current players, they could be a CHS boy, a GPS player – it doesn’t matter.”

Cleverly said that NSW Rugby’s coaches and talent ID staff worked closely with school selectors to get the most out of the selection trials.

“The schools selectors are involved in selecting their two teams of 23 per squad, and myself and other Academy staff – in consultation with some talent ID scouts – look at players to take that next step,” said Cleverly

“We’ve fast tracked 11 players and will select 46 from today, with a further 23 NSW juniors coming into camp next week.

“We’ll get them in front of the Waratahs coaching staff including Daryl [Gibson], Chris [Whitaker] and Steve [Tandy]. Shannon Fraser and Matt Evrard will be heavily involved in delivering different aspects of the camp.”

The three-day camp will feature a range of workshops, presentations and work on the pitch.

“Obviously it’s about the technical and tactical side of things but it’s also about educating these players in the six pillars required to become a Waratah,” Cleverly added.

“We’ll be working with the boys on taking a holistic approach to their lives and how that can benefit their rugby, there’ll be a sports phycologist speaking with them and Karmichael Hunt will also be doing a presentation.”


CAS II 55 def. ISA II 7
AICES 10 def. by CCC 31
CAS I 24 def. ISA I 14
CHS II 0 def. by GPS II 53
CHS I 0 def. by GPS I 80






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