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By NSW Rugby Media

By Oscar Nowak Allcorn, Oakhill Y8 Student & Waratah’s Junior Reporter
Photos courtesy of Michael Remaili

It was a sensational day for playing rugby at Oakhill College - a typical sunny Sydney winter’s day with perfectly clear blue skies and cool temperatures. Following the many Oakhill and Stannies teams playing each other throughout the day, it was time for Oakhill’s 1st XV to play against Stannies 1st XV.

Stannies kicked-off to Oakhill to start the game. Sam Pickard was just under the ball but dropped it, the loose ball was picked up by Stannies number 1 Michael Slattery. Stannies got close to the try line very early in the game. The forwards decided to go for the quick pick and drive to help get over the ball. Three pick and drives later, Joe Hanley picked up the ball and got it down to score for Stannies.

10 minutes into the game we saw both teams use their forwards a lot more than their backs. Stannies’ Ben Rudgely had made 2 great runs, so did Oakhill’s, Ethan Barone.

Almost half-way through the first half, Oakhill had a chance to use their backs. It was an Oakhill scrum on the middle of the 22. Lachlan James picked up the ball from the back of the scrum and passed it to Flynn Angles-Corke. Flynn dummied the ball to Zac Fitzhenry and broke off a tackle. Flynn put the ball down 5 metres from the post. The score sat at 5-5.

4 minutes later Oakhill conceded a penalty to Stannies 25 metres out from the posts. Stannies number 12 Ben Mitchell knew he could kick a penalty goal, he booted the ball through the post with confidence, putting Stannies back in the lead.

With 5 minutes left in the first half, Stannies got very close to the try line. They tried to go with the pick and drive strategy, but Oakhill’s defence was very strong. Stannies number 9 and captain Cam Trengove passed the ball to number 12 Ben Mitchell, who got tackled by his opposite number Zac Fitzhenry. Cam passed the ball to number 13 Martin Rudgely and he scored.

Half time approached and the score was 8 to 13 Stannies way.

Oakhill kicked-off to Stannies to start the second half. 5 minutes in, Oakhill had their hands on the ball. The forwards got very close to the line but Flynn Angles-Corke called for the ball. Lachlan James passed the ball to Flynn. Flynn dragged the inside centre towards him and passed the ball to Zac Fitzhenry. Zac sprinted to the try line and scored. The try was converted by Flynn. The score was 15-13 getting Oakhill in the lead.

Both teams had some great plays and moments. Stannies number 12 Ben Mitchell made great metres. Oakhills lineouts thrown by Brandon Moore were very good. Both teams’ intensity was exceptional from the get-go. But Stannies took it a bit too far when number 6 Joe Hanley was yellow carded for lifting the player off his feet.

On the back of past successes of using the pick and drive strategy, Stannies went with it for 20 metres. Oakhill’s defence was very good to keep Stannies from scoring for 5 minutes, but Stannies found the try-line and scored.

With only 15 minutes to go the score sat at 15-18.

3 minutes later Oakhill got their hands on the ball. Stannies’ defence was very good but their backs let them down letting Zac Fitzhenry score his double try. Oakhill was back on top with a 22-18 lead.

There were only 5 minutes left on the clock. Stannies were desperate to go back home to Bathurst with a win. They adopted the pick and drive strategy again to push the ball into a wall of Oakhill men for 8 minutes putting them into the same predicament they were in 15 minutes ago - Oakhill’s men exhausted with play. With play going over the siren, Stannies gradually made their way to the try line. At this stage, the game was on the line for both teams. Oakhill’s defence was spectacular but it wasn't enough to keep Stannies from putting the ball on the line. The conversion was successful by number 12 Ben Mitchell. The smiles on the faces on the Stannies men said it all. A cracking game of rugby played between these two great schools.

The final score was 22-25 to Stannies.

Oakhill Players’ Player - Luca Flore (Number 8)
St Stanislaus Best & Fairest Player - Jordan Rice (Number 8)
Oakhill Best Player - Flynn Angles-Corke (Number 10)






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