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Eastwood kick off Shute Shield title defence against Norths


The Shute Shield, Sydney’s Premier Rugby competition kicks off this Saturday (April 14) and will showcase some of Australia’s finest rugby talent looking to impress Super Rugby coaches around the nation.

The headline match of the opening round will see Northern Suburbs take on the reigning premiers Eastwood, with the match telecast live on ABC1 at 3pm. Led once again by 2011 winning captain Hugh Perrett, Eastwood will be looking to continue on their perfect form against the talented recruits of Northern Suburbs.

Among those following the tournament with interest will be HSBC Waratahs Head Coach, Michael Foley, who believes the competition is the breeding ground for Australian Rugby.

“The Shute Shield is the primary shop front for Australian rugby talent, it not only supplies the HSBC Waratahs, but all of the FxPro Super Rugby teams and that’s a massive rap for the Shute Shield,” Foley said.

Round one also sees Gordon up against Warringah at Pittwater Rugby Park. Penrith will host Eastern Suburbs at Nepean Rugby Park, whilst Southern Districts will take on Parramatta at Forshaw Park. Six-time champions Sydney University will go up against West Harbour at Uni Oval No.1 and Randwick will host Manly at Coogee Oval.

As the tournament progresses, Foley and the NSW coaching staff will watch every minute of all the NSW players’ performances in the Shute Shield. “For the players to be involved in a strong competition every week is a vital part of their development,” said Foley, adding that this also serves a dual purpose of “scouting for HSBC Waratahs players of the future”.

One player who can attest the importance of the Shute Shield is Eastwood and former Gordon breakaway, Chris Alcock.  “As a starting player in the current side, Chris is a great example of the importance of club rugby,” said Foley.

“He never played any academy or age grade representative rugby. He sprung up as a result of his performances for Gordon three years ago.”

One of the performances that Foley will be looking to review this weekend will be that of HSBC Waratah and Southern Districts captain winger Bracken Kauraria-Henry, one of six HSBC Waratahs in action this weekend.

“It’s always good to go back to your club and play well.  The Shute Shield is definitely one of the harder competitions in Australia,” said the winger.

“The next level after Shute Shield is Super Rugby. If you play well in Shute Shield it’s an opportunity to get promoted to play for the HSBC Waratahs.”

Shute Shield – Round 1
Saturday April 14
(2011 minor premiership place in brackets)

EASTWOOD (1ST) V NORTHEN SUBURBS (6TH) at North Sydney Oval (ABC TV game, 3pm)

Eastwood: 1. Marty Plokstys, 2. Chris Hill, 3. Dylan Brass; 4. Mitch Lees, 5. Steve Cummins; 6. Gareth Palamo, 7. Miles McCaffrey, 8. Hugh Perrett[c]; 9. Mick Snowden, 10. Pierre Hola; 11. Mark Frost, 12. Michael MacDougall, 13. Tim Bennetts, 14. Cam Mitchell; 15. Ben Batger.

Northern Suburbs: 1. Lawrance Hunting, 2. Nick Seymour, 3. James Smith; 4. Jordan Smiler, 5. Seti Tafua; 6. Wil Brame, 7. Will Miller, 8. AJ Gilbert [c]; 9. David Hardisty, 10. Haydn Wolfsbauer; 11. Corey Brown, 12. Chris Tuatara, 13. Bill Meaks, 14. Isaiah Mosese; 15. Trent Lake.

WARRINGAH (10th) v GORDON (8th) at Pittwater Rugby Park (3pm)

Warringah: 1. Richard Southan, 2. David Mason, 3. Wayne Borsak; 4.Ben Adams[c] 5. Vincent Grimbergen; 6. Mark Porpiglia, 7. Boyd Killingworth,  8. Sam Ward; 9. Tim Donlan, 10. Hamish Angus; 11. Edward Doyle 12. Jackson Selby, 13. Dylan Smouha, 14. David Feltscheer; 15. Hugh Campbell.

Gordon: 1. Aritema Ralulu, 2. Ron Hobden, 3. Tobias Gukibau; 4. Roni Scarano, 5. Lex Fairley; 6. Mark Williams, 7. Mitch Greenway, 8. Mark Johnson; 9. Terry Preston, 10. Chris Burnett; 11. Eric Maroni, 12. Tom Hill[c], 13. Tom Matthews, 14. Vesi Topokalauli; 15. Ryan Matthews.

PENRITH (12th) v EASTERN SUBURBS (4th) at Nepean Rugby Park (3pm)

Penrith: 1. Toa Asa, 2. Keiren Straker, 3. Richard Aho[c]; 4.Tyrone Emelio, 5.Dale Shane; 6. David Reopoamo, 7. Cohen Masson, 8. Junior Tuaau; 9. Paula Katoa, 10. Fokolulu Taumalolo; 11. Tala Mapesone, 12. Chris Aunise, 13. Mark Murray, 14. Wilson Silipa; 15. Mona Silipa.

Eastern Suburbs: 1. Ofa Fainga’anuku, 2. Tom Coolican, 3. Rob Mcmickan; 4. Will Drabble, 5. Richard Stanford; 6. Kenny Niko, 7. Nathan Paila, 8. Pauliasi Taumoepeau[c]; 9. Luke Irwin, 10. Angus Sinclair; 11. Scott Ferris, 12. Anton Lavin, 13. Apakuki Maafu, 14. Toese Vousiutu; 15. Charlie Clifton.

SOUTHERN DISTRICTS (7th) v PARRAMATTA (11th) at Forshaw Park (3pm)

Southern Districts: 1. Marcus Heather, 2. Andrew Sulter, 3. Joe Lynch; 4. Andrew Leota, 5. Andrew Archibold; 6. Ollie Stedman, 7. Sam Latunipulu, 8. Matt Swann; 9. Dewet Roos, 10. Rohan Saifolio; 11. Ben Connolly, 12. Lester Solanoa, 13. Brackin Karauria-Henry, 14. Nicky Price; 15. Atieli Pakalani.

Parramatta: 1. Lamarn Ma’a, 2. Ben Hewitson, 3. Chris Seuteni; 4. Ian Parkinson, 5. Evan Olmstead; 6. Tai Masters, 7. Andrew Cox[c], 8. Matt White; 9. Kaleb Rech, 10. Tom Woods; 11. Tui Fa’asisila, 12. Alecki Taufa, 13. Damien Fakafanua, 14. Jesse Leota; 15. Moses Tavola.

SYDNEY UNIVERSITY (2nd) v WEST HARBOUR (9th) at Uni Oval No.1 (3pm

Sydney University: 1. Dylan Evans, 2. Sam Roberson, 3. Sam Talakai; 4. Oliver Atkins, 5. Liam Winton; 6. Anthony Pohlen, 7. David Hickey, 8. Trent Dyer; 9. Matthew Schwager[c], 10. Daniel Kelly; 11. Angus Roberts, 12. James McMahon, 13. Michael Hodge, 14. Nathan Trist; 15. Stuart Dunbar.

West Harbour: 1. Campese Maafu, 2. Todd Pearce, 3. Vaughan Lomax; 4. Alfred Pinomi, 5. Tom Patterson; 6. Tom Games[c], 7. Tom Andrews, 8. Isaiah Pine; 9. Ben Murray, 10. Shaun Treweek; 11. Tito Mua, 12. Nua Alone, 13. Sai Vakarau, 14. Macquire Tatola; 15. Oleni Ngungutau

RANDWICK (5TH) v MANLY (3rd) at Coogee Oval (3pm)

Randwick: 1. Patto Noriega, 2. Atonio Halangahu, 3. Lotu Taukeiaho; 4. Geoff Ingram, 5. Tom Weatherall; 6. David Vizer, 7. Tim McGann, 8. David Parsons; 9. Sam Bartlett, 10. Toby Browne; 11. Kiti Vasu, 12. Keith Masima, 13. Finau Makamaka, 14. Tom Joseph; 15. Hugh Somerville

Manly: 1. Dane Maraki, 2. James Hilterbrand, 3. Oliver Hoskin; 4. Cadeyrn Neville, 5. Greg Peterson; 6. Harry Bergelin, 7. Andrew Davis[c], 8. Tevita Metuisela; 9. Jack Rowntree, 10. Alex Miles; 11. Richard Hooper, 12. Maili Hingano, 13. Oli Samuelu, 14. Sione Ala; 15. Jacob Woodhouse







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